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Top AI Tools for Developers in 2024: Elevate Your Coding Skills


Bastien Billey

Slashprompt Founder

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development, AI tools for developers are becoming increasingly indispensable. These tools not only enhance code quality but also help you development process, making it more efficient and less prone to errors.

We reviewed the best ai tools for developers and made sure to include only the one bringing something solid to the table, focusing on how they integrate with popular code editors like Visual Studio Code and Intellij IDEA, and support various programming languages.

Our favorite AI Tools for Software Development

  1. Cursor: An advanced AI-powered code editor, Cursor offers a seamless blend of traditional editing and AI capabilities, automating mundane tasks and elevating code quality.
  2. GitHub Copilot: This AI-assisted coding tool from GitHub, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, provides real-time code suggestions and intelligently automates repetitive coding tasks.
  3. Tabnine: Known for its intelligent code completion, Tabnine supports multiple languages and frameworks, offering tailored code suggestions and minimizing errors.
  4. Mintlify: Revolutionizing code documentation, Mintlify automates documentation creation, making understanding and maintaining codebases more accessible.
  5. Phind: An AI-enhanced search tool for developers, Phind streamlines information retrieval, offering context-aware results and integrating seamlessly with development tools.
  6. Bloop AI: An advanced AI code search tool featuring GPT-4 for natural language queries, efficient regex search, and seamless integration with local and GitHub repositories, enhancing code analysis and management.
  7. Codeium: A cutting-edge code development platform, Codeium leverages AI for code suggestions, natural language queries, and efficient debugging.

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The most powerful all-in-one AI code editor

Cursor AI


Cursor is an advanced AI-powered code editor designed to revolutionize the way developers write and manage code. It seamlessly combines traditional code editing features with cutting-edge AI technology to enhance coding efficiency. By automating repetitive tasks, providing intelligent assistance, and improving code quality, Cursor benefits both novice and experienced developers.

Key features include Command K for AI-integrated code writing and editing, Code Chat for AI-guided problem-solving, Codebase Answer for comprehensive codebase queries, Auto-Debug for efficient code issue identification and resolution, and Fix Lints for automated linting issue resolution.

Pricing options include a free version with limited search capabilities and a paid version offering enhanced AI features at $20 per month or $40 per month with additional data privacy features.

AI extensions for your code editor

Github Copilot

Github Copilot

Github Copilot is an AI-powered coding assistant developed in collaboration between GitHub and OpenAI. It revolutionizes the programming landscape by offering real-time code suggestions and enhancing the coding process with AI technology. It seamlessly integrates with your development environment and improves coding efficiency. By streamlining coding, generating code snippets, providing solutions to programming queries, and automating repetitive tasks, GitHub Copilot improves code quality and productivity. It benefits both beginners and experienced developers, ushering in a new era of AI-assisted coding.

Key features of GitHub Copilot include contextual code suggestions, natural language queries, whole codebase analysis, automated code refactoring, and intelligent error resolution.

Pricing options include Copilot Individual at $10 per month, Copilot Business at $20 per month, and Copilot Enterprise at $40 per month.



Tabnine is an AI-powered code completion tool revolutionizing software development. It combines traditional code editors with cutting-edge AI technology to provide a smarter, faster, and more efficient coding experience. Tabnine seamlessly integrates with coding environments, enhancing existing practices with AI power.

Using Tabnine in your coding workflow offers several benefits, including automating repetitive coding tasks, providing intelligent code completion suggestions, and improving overall code quality. It caters to both novice and experienced developers, offering a cutting-edge coding approach.

Key features of Tabnine include real-time, context-aware code suggestions, support for multiple languages and frameworks, seamless integration with IDEs and editors, customized suggestions based on your codebase, and efficient error reduction.

Tabnine offers a free Starter plan, a Pro plan for $12 per month, and an Enterprise plan with pricing upon discussion.



Phind is an innovative AI-enhanced search tool designed specifically for developers, combining traditional search engine capabilities with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. This integration offers a more intelligent, efficient, and effective search experience, seamlessly integrating into a developer's workflow to quickly find relevant information.

Using Phind in your development process provides several benefits, including intuitive and time-saving information retrieval. Phind's AI excels in parsing vast data, providing accurate and context-relevant results, ultimately enhancing productivity. It serves as a modern approach to information searching for both novice and experienced developers.

Key features of Phind include context-aware search, integration with development tools, comprehensive code repository search, customizable search filters, and smart query assistance.

Phind offers a free plan, making it accessible to developers at no cost.



Codeium is an AI-powered code development platform designed to revolutionize software creation by seamlessly combining traditional coding features with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. This integration results in a coding experience characterized by increased intelligence, speed, and efficiency, while also harmoniously integrating with established coding practices.

Incorporating Codeium into your workflow offers numerous advantages, making coding more intuitive and less time-intensive. Its AI integration excels in automating repetitive coding tasks, providing intelligent coding assistance, and enhancing overall code quality, making it valuable for both novice and seasoned developers.

Key features of Codeium include real-time, context-aware code suggestions, natural language code queries, comprehensive codebase understanding, efficient code debugging, and linting and code quality enhancement.

Codeium offers a free Individual plan, a Teams plan at $12 per month, and Enterprise pricing upon discussion.

AI powered developer documentation platform



Mintlify is an innovative AI-driven tool focused on revolutionizing code documentation. It leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to automatically generate clear, concise, and accurate documentation from code, transcending traditional documentation methods. Mintlify seamlessly integrates into your development workflow, making the creation and maintenance of documentation faster and more efficient with the power of AI.

Using Mintlify offers several advantages, particularly in simplifying the often tedious task of writing comprehensive documentation. By automating documentation generation, it reduces the time and effort required, allowing developers to concentrate more on coding. Mintlify also provides intelligent insights and explanations for complex code, enhancing project accessibility and understandability for both new and experienced developers.

Key features of Mintlify include auto-documentation, code understanding, integration with popular code editors and repositories, customizable documentation templates, and collaborative documentation editing.

Mintlify offers a free plan, a Startup plan at $150 per month, a Growth plan at $450 per month, and custom Enterprise pricing.

AI Tools to understand your codebase faster than ever

Bloop AI

Bloop AI

Bloop AI is an innovative AI-powered code search tool specifically designed for developers. It harnesses the capabilities of modern AI, including GPT-4, to offer an enhanced and efficient code search experience. Bloop AI seamlessly integrates with both local and GitHub repositories, providing sophisticated query filters for precise search results.

Incorporating Bloop AI into your development process offers several advantages, particularly in terms of time efficiency and accuracy. It simplifies the task of finding relevant code snippets or information within large codebases, with conversational search capabilities powered by GPT-4, enabling natural language queries. This aids in reducing dependency bloat and freeing up time for tackling unresolved problems.

Key features of Bloop AI include GPT-4-based conversational search, Code Studio with LLM Playground, fast regex search, repository sync, advanced query filters, symbol search for functions, variables, and traits, precise code navigation, privacy-focused on-device embedding, and leveraging the Rust ecosystem for search index management.

Bloop AI offers a free Individual plan and a Personal plan at $20 per month.

FAQs on AI Developer Tools

What are the best free AI tools for developers?

Cursor excels in AI-powered code editing and automation. Mintlify auto-generates clear and concise documentation from code. Codeium offers intelligent code suggestions and efficient debugging.

What are the top AI tools for software development?

Github Copilot auto-generates code snippets. Cursor blends traditional code editing with AI enhancements. Phind is an AI-enhanced search tool for finding relevant information and solutions.

What are the best Visual Studio Code AI Extensions?

GitHub Copilot provides real-time AI-driven code suggestions and generates code snippets and solutions from natural language queries.

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