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From Text to Speech: Best AI Voice Generator Tools For 2024


Shella Tri Muthia

Content Manager

10min read

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In the dynamic world of digital audio, AI voice generator tools like Murf AI, Podcastle, Murf AI, Descript, Synthesys AI, Lovo AI, Resemble AI, and Speechify are revolutionizing content creation.

These advanced platforms offer realistic, natural-sounding AI voices, streamlining the production of high-quality voiceovers for a variety of applications, from YouTube videos to IVR systems.

By transforming text into lifelike speech without the need for professional voice actors or expensive recording equipment, they empower creators to produce engaging, multilingual content with ease.

Explore the potential of these cutting-edge tools and elevate your projects to new heights.


  1. Murf AI - Mastering Multilingual Voiceovers with Lifelike AI Voices
  2. Podcastle - Crafting Professional Podcasts with AI-Enhanced Audio Technology
  3. Descript - Revolutionizing Media Editing with Transcription-Powered Technology
  4. Synthesys AI - Transforming Text into Realistic Voiceovers with Advanced AI
  5. Lovo AI - Personalizing Voice Content with Unique AI Voice Cloning
  6. Resemble AI - Dynamic Voice Cloning for Real-Time AI Applications
  7. Speechify - Enhancing Learning Experiences with AI Text-to-Speech

Murf AI - Creating Lifelike Voices with Advanced AI Technology

What is Murf AI:

Murf AI is an advanced voice generation platform designed to create realistic AI voices and voiceovers. It's not merely an AI text-to-speech tool but an innovative solution that transforms written text into natural-sounding speech.

Murf AI stands out for its ability to produce lifelike AI voices, offering a wide range of speaking styles and tones, making it ideal for various audio and video content production.

Why Use Murf AI:

Murf AI is an advanced AI voice generator, adept at creating human-like voices with varied speaking styles. Beyond standard text-to-speech capabilities, it excels in converting realistic text into natural human voices.

This feature is particularly beneficial for producing high-quality voiceovers in explainer and animated explainer videos. Its fine-tuning ability ensures personalized audio output, tailored to specific needs.

Murf AI is invaluable for those without voice acting or advanced video editing skills, simplifying content production across multiple formats with its realistic text-to-speech technology.

Use Cases for Murf AI:

  • E-Learning and Educational Content: Enhances training videos and educational content with high-quality voiceovers.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Creates engaging voiceovers for video ads, YouTube videos, and explainer videos.
  • Personal and Business Projects: Useful for personal projects or small businesses needing affordable and professional voiceovers.
  • Accessibility Features: Produces voiceovers for screen recording and IVR systems, ensuring content is accessible to a wider audience.

Murf AI Features:

  • AI Voice Cloning
  • Voice Over Video
  • Google Slides Add-On
  • Murf API
  • Diverse Range of Voices and Languages
  • Integration with Canva
  • Extensive Media Library
  • User-Friendly Interface

Murf AI Pricing (Billed monthly; Save 33% with annual billing):

  • Free Plan: 32 AI voices, 10 minutes of voice generation, 10 minutes of transcription, and allows for up to three users.
  • Basic Plan: $29/month, unlimited downloads, 60 basic voices, access to 10 languages, 24 hours of voice generation, and over 8000 licensed soundtracks.
  • Pro Plan: $39/month benefits of the Basic plan plus access to all 120+ AI voices, 20+ languages, the voice AI changer, commercial usage rights, and high-priority support.
  • Enterprise Plan: $75/month (billed annually only) for 5 users, includes everything in the Pro plan, with additions like unlimited voice generation, transcription, storage, a dedicated account manager, advanced collaboration tools, and a security assessment.

Podcastle - Revolutionizing Podcast Production with AI

What is Podcastle:

Podcastle is a comprehensive audio creation and editing platform, primarily designed for podcast production. It stands out in the realm of AI-driven audio tools for its versatility and user-friendly interface.

The platform offers features including AI-powered voice enhancements, noise reduction, and advanced editing tools.

It's particularly known for its ability to transform voice recordings into studio-quality audio, making it a go-to tool for podcasters, journalists, and content creators.

Why Use Podcastle AI:

Podcastle AI is an innovative tool that enhances podcast production with its AI voice generator and text-to-speech capabilities. It significantly improves audio quality by reducing background noise and leveling voice tones.

With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly record, edit, and enhance their speech voices and audio files, making it suitable for both novices and professionals.

Podcastle also offers versatility in handling various content types, including creating voiceovers, interviews, and narrative content in different voices and multiple languages.

It's especially efficient for converting written text into natural AI voices and high-quality voice overs, making it a versatile choice for diverse audio projects.

Use Cases for Podcastle:

  • Podcast Production: Ideal for creating professional-sounding podcasts, from recording interviews to adding voiceovers and background music.
  • Journalism: Journalists can use Podcastle to record and edit interviews or create audio reports with enhanced clarity.
  • Education and Training: Educators can produce clear, engaging instructional audio content for e-learning modules or online courses.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Marketers can utilize Podcastle to create compelling audio content for ads, explainer videos, and promotional materials.
  • Personal Projects: Hobbyists and enthusiasts can use Podcastle to record and enhance audio for personal projects like storytelling, vlogging, or creating audio diaries.

Podcastle AI Features:

  • Unlimited Audio Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Multi-track Editing
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Transcription Services
  • Text-to-Speech
  • AI-Powered Editing Tools
  • Revoice Feature (Pro Plan)

Podcastle Pricing (Billed Monthly; 2.5 months free with year plans):

  • Basic Plan: Free. Limited recording, editing, and transcription tools, basic audio and video quality.
  • Storyteller Plan: $14.99/month. Better editing tools, larger transcription capacity, improved audio and video quality, and more music and sound effects.
  • Pro Plan: $29.99/month. All Storyteller features plus the highest quality audio and video, most transcription hours, and early access to new features.

Descript - Revolutionizing Media Editing with Transcription-Powered Technology

What is Descript:

Descript is a comprehensive multimedia software that provides transcription, AI voice generation, and editing functions. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence for efficient and precise transcription, converting both audio and video content into text.

The AI voice generator in Descript is a highlight, crafting realistic and nuanced AI voices akin to professional voice acting. This is especially useful for voice track creation, dubbing, or replacing existing tracks in multimedia projects.

This includes speech synthesis capabilities and the creation of realistic AI voices from text, a vital asset for content creators and media professionals. As a versatile speech tool, Descript is essential for those looking to enhance their multimedia projects with realistic AI voiceovers generator and streamlined editing processes.

Why Use Descript:

Descript serves as an AI voice generator and comprehensive speech software, offering unique features like an AI-generated voice sound and different voices for diverse applications.

It is an AI voice generator that's ideal for professionals in the fields of podcasting, video production, and broadcasting, providing tools for voice cloning and modifying speech.

With its advanced speech synthesis, Descript can convert written scripts into natural-sounding audio, offering a range of voices and accents to choose from. This capability extends to creating audio files for various applications, making it a versatile tool in the realm of digital media production.

Use Cases for Descript:

  • Podcast Production: Simplifies podcast editing, allowing for easy voice modifications or replacements without the need for re-recording.
  • Video Editing: Provides transcription services and voice-overs creation for video projects, streamlining post-production tasks.
  • Content Accessibility: Converts text to speech, enhancing accessibility for individuals with visual impairments or reading challenges.
  • Language Localization: Facilitates content adaptation into various languages, offering diverse voice options for global audiences.
  • Educational Content: Beneficial for educators and students in producing spoken versions of educational resources, supporting auditory learning experiences.

Descript AI Features:

  • Voice Cloning
  • Studio Sound
  • Remove Filler Words
  • Automated Transcription
  • Video Green Screen and AI Eye Contact

Descript Pricing (Billed monthly; Save 20% with annual billing):

  • Free Tier: 720p video export, one hour of transcription per month, 1,000-word vocabulary for Overdub, basic AI Green Screen, and AI Eye Contact features.
  • Creator Tier: $15/month, 10 hours of transcription and remote recording per editor per month, 4K video export, enhanced AI features.
  • Pro Tier: $30/month, 30 hours of transcription and remote recording per editor per month, advanced filler word removal, larger Overdub vocabulary, expanded AI features.
  • Enterprise Tier: Custom-priced for larger teams, includes all Pro Tier features plus dedicated account representative and single sign-on (SSO).

Synthesys AI - Transforming Text into Realistic Voice overs with Advanced AI

What is Synthesys AI:

Synthesys AI is an advanced AI voice generator and text-to-speech platform designed for creating lifelike voice overs and synthetic media. It specializes in transforming text into highly realistic AI-generated voices, offering a range of tones and styles.

Synthesys AI is distinguished by its ability to produce realistic-sounding speech, making it suitable for various applications in digital content production.

Why Use Synthesys AI:

Synthesys AI stands out as a top-tier AI text-to-speech tools, adept at generating human-like voices from written text. It goes beyond traditional text-to-speech capabilities, allowing users to create professional-quality voice overs for diverse projects.

This platform is precious for users without voice acting skills or access to advanced audio editing tools, simplifying the creation of engaging and high-quality spoken content.

Use Cases for Synthesys AI:

  • E-Learning and Education: Enhances educational materials with realistic voice overs, facilitating auditory learning.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Produces compelling voice overs for promotional videos, enhancing the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Personal and Professional Projects: Ideal for individuals and small businesses in need of cost-effective, professional-grade voice overs.
  • Accessibility: Generates spoken content for various applications, improving accessibility for a wider audience, including those with visual impairments.

Synthesys AI Features:

  • AI Avatars
  • Ultra-realistic voiceovers in over 140 Languages
  • Customized AI Images
  • Pitch-Perfect Lip Syncing
  • Multi-Voice Functionality
  • Adjustable Voice Settings
  • User-Friendly Interface

Synthesys AI Pricing (Billed monthly):

  • Free Plan: 2 minutes AI Voice and AI Video. 50 Image Generation.
  • Creator Plan: Priced at $59 per month. Limitless AI Voice and AI Video. 250 Image Generation.
  • Business Plan: At $198 per month. Limitless AI Voice, AI Video, and AI Image.

LOVO AI: Emotionally Expressive AI Voices for Dynamic Content

What is LOVO AI:

LOVO AI is a cutting-edge AI voice generator platform designed to create highly realistic and emotionally expressive AI voices. More than just a text-to-speech tool, LOVO AI voice generator represents a breakthrough in transforming a written text into natural speech, capable of conveying a wide range of emotions and tones.

Why Use LOVO AI:

LOVO AI excels in generating AI voices and realistic text-to-speech, offering a spectrum of human voice and computer-generated voice. It's renowned for high-quality voiceovers, perfect for various content needs.

With its ability to fine-tune and achieve the right tone, LOVO AI ensures each voiceover meets specific requirements.

This tool is particularly useful for users seeking content creation with a perfect voice, offering a blend of naturalness and technological precision in its audio output.

Use Cases for LOVO AI:

  • E-Learning and Educational Content: Enhances educational materials with high-quality, clear, and engaging voiceovers.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Ideal for creating compelling voiceovers for commercials, promotional videos, and social media content.
  • Personal and Corporate Projects: Useful for personal endeavors or business needs, providing affordable and professional voiceovers.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: Offers solutions for making content accessible to visually impaired or reading-challenged audiences.
  • Multimedia Content Production: Supports creators in producing podcasts, YouTube videos, and animated stories with versatile voice options.

LOVO AI Features:

  • Simple and Advanced Modes
  • Over 500 Voices in 100 Languages
  • Granular Audio Control
  • Online Video Editor
  • AI Writer (Genny Write)
  • Voice Cloning

LOVO AI Pricing (Billed monthly; Save 50% with annual billing):

  • Free Trial: A 14-day free trial of Pro. 5 minutes of voice generation, watermarked video exports, and 1GB storage
  • Basic Plan: $29/month, 2 hours of voice generation, 20+ premium voices, 3 emotional voices with over 20 different emotions, 1080p video export, 100+ languages, and 30GB storage.
  • Pro Plan: $48/month, everything in the Basic Plan, 5 hours of voice generation, and 100GB storage.
  • Pro Plan +: $149/month, everything in the Basic Plan, 20 hours of voice generation, and 400GB storage.
  • Enterprise Plan: Everything in Pro +, including dedicated account executives and enterprise-grade security. The pricing is custom-based.

Resemble AI: Real-Time Voice Cloning for Authentic Audio Experiences

What is Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a state-of-the-art AI voice generator, renowned for its ability to produce exceptionally realistic and customizable AI voices.

It extends beyond conventional AI text-to-speech technology by offering advanced features like real-time voice cloning (AI voice clone) and emotional expressiveness, enabling the transformation of text-to-speech into lifelike, human-like audio.

Why Use Resemble AI:

  • AI Voice Generation: Employs cutting-edge AI to generate diverse and natural-sounding voiceovers, encompassing a wide array of accents and styles.
  • Real-Time Voice Cloning: Specializes in converting one person's speech into another's voice, maintaining authenticity and control over speech nuances.
  • Customizable AI Voices: Allows extensive personalization, including the unique capability to clone a user's own voice, tailoring the voice experience to specific needs.
  • Emotional Expressiveness: Can infuse AI-generated voices with a range of emotions, adding depth and realism to the output.
  • Efficiency and Accessibility: Simplifies the creation of professional-grade voiceovers, saving time and resources, accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Integration and Versatility: Offers seamless integration with various platforms and tools, enhancing productivity in a multitude to create content processes.

Use Cases for Resemble AI:

  • Multimedia Production: Ideal for voiceovers in films, games, and animations, offering a range of realistic AI voices and speech styles.
  • E-Learning and Training: Enhances educational and training content with clear, engaging AI voiceovers, adaptable to different subjects and styles.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Suitable for crafting compelling voiceovers for commercials, brand narratives, and promotional content.
  • Accessible to Create Content: Provides solutions for making content accessible to audiences with visual or reading impairments, through advanced text-to-speech and speech-to-speech technologies.
  • Custom IVR and Customer Service: Enhances interactive voice response systems and customer service experiences with personalized, natural-sounding AI voices.

Resemble AI Features:

  • Localization (Supports Voice Generators in Numerous Languages)
  • Audio Editing
  • AI Character Voice Generators
  • Speech-to-Speech
  • Neural Audio Editing
  • Deepfake Detection
  • Emotions Feature
  • Flexible API

Resemble AI Pricing (Billed monthly):

  • Basic Plan: Pay-as-you-go at $0.006 per second, 10 voice AI options, and 2 localized and translated languages.
  • Pro Plan: Custom pricing with unlimited voice AI options, enhanced emotion control, 62 localized and translated languages, and real-time generation.

Speechify - Enhancing Accessibility with Diverse AI Voice Options

What is Speechify:

Speechify is an AI-driven text-to-speech app known for its range of AI voices that accurately mimic human speech. It specializes in converting text into speech, using advanced AI voice technologies to generate audio files from various texts.

The app is particularly helpful for individuals with reading difficulties like dyslexia, offering diverse voices and speech synthesis to facilitate auditory learning. Speechify's capability to handle specific words and phrases in multiple voices makes it a robust tool for users who need or prefer audio content.

Why Use Speechify:

Speechify, an AI voice generator, offers a range of artificial intelligence-generated and computer-generated voices, including options for voice cloning and using one's own voice.

It's adept in AI text-to-speech, converting various text formats into spoken words, enhancing accessibility for those with visual impairments or reading disabilities. Its customization features allow control over speech speed and tone, catering to different user preferences.

With capabilities in more languages, Speechify is ideal for creating engaging videos and audio files, using its sophisticated speech engine and synthesis tools. this text-to-speech app simplifies transforming text documents into audible formats, streamlining content consumption.

Use Cases for Speechify:

  • Educational Purposes: Assists students and educators by converting textbooks or lecture notes into audio format.
  • Workplace Accommodation: Helps professionals with reading difficulties or those who prefer listening to written content.
  • Personal Use: Ideal for reading books or articles audibly, especially for users who are multitasking or visually impaired.
  • Language Learning: Aids in language learning by providing pronunciation and listening practice in different languages.

Speechify AI Features:

  • Text-to-Speech Conversion
  • Customizable Voice Settings
  • Integration with Various Platforms
  • AI Voice Studio
  • AI Avatars
  • AI Video
  • Audiobooks

Speechify Pricing (Billed monthly; Save 59% with annual billing):

  • Free Plan: Features include Voice AI Over and Dubbing, 10 mins of AI Voice Generators, and support for .txt and .docx scripts.
  • Basic Plan: $99/month. 50 hours of AI Voice Generators, 12 hours of translation, 8000+ soundtracks, and access to all 200+ voices.
  • Professional Plan: $119/month. Includes 100 hours of AI Voice Generators, 36 hours of translation, 60 minutes of AI Avatar Video, and additional features of the Basic Plan.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing. Features include 1,000+ hours of AI Voice Generators, 500+ hours of translation, 20+ hours of AI Avatar Video, and advanced collaboration tools.


Murf AI is a text-to-speech platform known for its range of realistic AI voices. Its strength lies in its ability to produce natural-sounding voiceovers across multiple languages and accents. This makes it perfect for users who need multilingual voiceovers for global audiences.

Podcastle is a suite of tools for podcast creators that offers recording, editing, and quality enhancement features. Its AI-driven quality enhancement feature is particularly noteworthy, as it can easily transform basic recordings into professional ones.

Descript is a versatile editing platform for sound and visual content, known for its transcription features. It enables users to edit media by modifying the text transcript, simplifying the process, and making it intuitive. This is particularly advantageous for content creators looking for an efficient and straightforward editing workflow.

Synthesys AI specializes in creating lifelike AI-generated voiceovers and synthetic media. Its standout feature is the ability to generate highly realistic human-like voices from text, suitable for a variety of digital content. It's ideal for users needing voiceovers without access to voice actors.

Lovo AI focuses on providing a personalized voice cloning service. Users can create a unique AI voice based on their own or choose from a vast library of voices. It best ai voice generator that's particularly useful for creating consistent and branded voice content for various applications.

Resemble AI excels in creating custom AI voices and real-time voice cloning. Its real-time cloning capability allows for dynamic voice generation, making it ideal for interactive applications like gaming, virtual assistants, and other real-time voice synthesis needs.

Speechify is an AI-driven text-to-speech application designed to assist individuals with reading difficulties. Its key feature is converting text into speech with various voices, aiding in auditory learning. It's especially beneficial for those with dyslexia or who prefer auditory learning methods.

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