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Best AI Tools, Apps & Software | October 2023 (Week 2)


Bastien Billey

Slashprompt Founder

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Hello there, tech-savvy humans!

If you're reading this, congrats! You've just unlocked the sequel to our first newsletter. Yep, it's the drumroll... Second edition of Slashprompt's Dose of AI! Just like a second date, we're here to impress and charm you with more tech goodies. 🕺💃

Remember our mission? Transforming you into Super-Humans, one AI tool at a time! Let’s unveil the magical AI tools we've been tinkering with this week. 🧙‍♂️✨

Fire New AI Tools for Becoming Superhuman


Video creation with virtual avatar


Highlights: Speak through a dazzling AI avatar and mesmerize your audience. Packed with a plethora of voices and avatars, just input your text, sit back, and let the magic unfold. Heygen comes with plenty of small additions to build finished video without leaving their editor.

Lowlights: A sneak peek of the avatar moving before the grand reveal would've been the cherry on top.


Magic wand for handcrafted design!


Highlights: Diagram provides an array of tools to enhance your design workflow, and it syncs seamlessly with Figma. If you value the art of handcrafted design and see its continued relevance, Diagram is tailored for you. It streamlines tasks, produces UI elements, and crafts color palettes effortlessly. At least check out their incredible website.

Lowlights: Familiarity with Figma is beneficial, as it taps into the platform's capabilities.


Podcast Enhancement Kit


Highlights: Podcastle, with its delightful user interface, offers an array of finely-tuned tools designed to elevate your podcast recordings to the pinnacle of audio perfection. The inclusion of AI technology ensures enhanced audio clarity, the elimination of unwanted noises, and several other features that significantly uplift the overall quality. It genuinely delivers an impeccable experience.

Lowlights: We're on the hunt to find any, stay tuned!


AI-Powered Web Development Tool


Highlights: Looking to launch a new website but don't have the technical expertise? Framer might just be what you're searching for. It offers a selection of sophisticated AI-generated templates that are seamlessly integrated into your editor – an ideal solution when you're in need of a creative spark and fast prototyping.

Lowlights: While Framer has a lot to offer, there are occasional outputs that might not meet everyone's expectations.

Know your basics

Did you know the most basic type of prompt is called "Zero-Shot Prompt"?

When you provide ChatGPT or other LLM with a simple instruction and no extra example or extra information you are doing a Zero-Shot Prompt. For example:

Write a funny joke about the financial system.

You're just asking ChatGPT to execute an instruction, this is a zero-shot prompt. ChatGPT, with its sense of humor, can create a nice joke for us, like:

Why did the credit analyst stay calm during the market crash?

He knew how to keep his balance! 📊😂

That's it for this week's Slashprompt AI Dose. Give these tools a try; they might just make a difference in your work. We'll be back with more tech finds. Until then, keep exploring and see what works best for you. Cheers!

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