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Dose of AI #11


Bastien Billey

Slashprompt Founder

3min read

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Greetings Human,

Every week we keep track of the best AI Tools out there so you don’t have to.

In Today’s Dose of AI:

  • Pika AI - Your creative text-to-video generator
  • Mem AI - Your personal AI thought partner
  • Speechify - Quality AI Voice Over Generator
  • SocialBee - AI-Driven Social Media Management
  • Flick - Hashtag Mastery for Instagram Growth

This week AI tools

Pika AIYour creative text-to-video generator


Meet Pika AI, an inventive text-to-video platform that fuels your creative expression. This tool quickly transforms your ideas into videos, offering a fast, effortless approach to video production. Plus, Pika AI is free, making it an accessible option for everyone interested in easy video making.

Mem AIYour personal AI thought partner


Mem AI emerges as a notable AI-assisted knowledge management tool, valued for its user-friendly design and availability across multiple platforms. While it's a useful tool for personal knowledge organization, there are areas for improvement, notably in expanding its feature set and enhancing the user experience. It's a solid choice for those needing a straightforward AI tool for managing personal knowledge, but users should consider its current features and limitations in relation to their individual requirements.

Speechify - Quality AI Voice Over Generator

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Speechify AI is an innovative text-to-speech tool, offering a wide range of voices in different accents and languages, natural voice synthesis, and speed adjustment. It's available on multiple platforms and integrates with browsers and apps, allowing for offline use and customizable audio. Ideal for all your content that requires voice over.

SocialBeeAI-Driven Social Media Management

social bee

SocialBee is a tool for social media management, praised for its effective content organization and automation. It offers features like smart content categorization, optimal post scheduling, workflow automation, performance analytics, audience insights, and AI is here to help you build efficient and engaging content. Particularly beneficial for small businesses, content marketers, and solopreneurs, SocialBee enhances online presence through organized content management and targeted audience engagement. However, its limited platform coverage and basic analytics are points to consider.

FlickHashtag Mastery for Instagram Growth

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Flick is reshaping how we handle Instagram, offering clear-cut AI-driven hashtag analytics, content assistance, and post scheduling. Ideal for Instagram influencers, small businesses, and social media managers, Flick focuses on what matters: expanding your reach and understanding your audience better.

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