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7 Best AI Tools for Designers in 2024: Elevate Your Visual Workflow!


Shella Tri Muthia

Content Manager

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Ready to see how you can embrace Artificial Intelligence in your graphic design workflow?

In today's digital world, if your work includes making visuals, graphic design or anything else related to make things beautiful, it's likely taking a decent amount of your time.

Lucky for you, you can choose to adapt and take full advantage of the new tools AI is offering us.

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What are AI Graphic Design tools?

AI design tools are the wizards behind the curtain helping you turning ideas into reality with spellbinding accuracy and speed. They make design magic happen – quick iterations, endless creativity, and all with a flourish!

Thanks to the power of AI software, these tools learn from your behaviours in order to produce more accurate results overtime. This will lead you to discover more original design ideas.

One important aspect of these tools is their intuitive interface which will bring your design process to the next level no matter your design background.

Why You Need AI Design Tools?

With the recent global adoption of AI accross industries, AI tools can assist you during your design process. If you're a freelancer or working in a team, the variety of AI tools available can surely help you in one or more aspects of your job.

Here are 4 examples of common use cases it can help you solve:

  • Brainstorming: Explore new ideas and find inspiration in a very short time.
  • Productivity: Become more efficient than ever and in tackling mundane tasks.
  • Content creation: Iterate quickly on your creative assets and image generation.
  • Improvement: Elevate your basic design to perfection with image enhancer.

Elevate your design game with the Top 7 AI Design Tools

👋 Wave goodbye to complexity and say hello to sleek, artificial intelligence-driven design. We've lined up the top 7 Best AI Tools for Designers each one covering a particular area of the job to make you unstoppable.

Join the front row of the design revolution. Technology plus creativity now equals infinite possibilities. Let’s jump in and see how these tools make the extraordinary happen every day.

Excited? You should be! Let's dive into the Best AI Design Tools– it's going to be a thrilling ride!🎢

1. Diagram


What Diagram Is?

Diagram stands out as the best AI design tool suite for web designers, adeptly integrated within Figma to revolutionize the creative process.

It features intelligent utilities like Magic Icon and Magic Image for instant creation of design elements, and Magic Copy for contextually relevant text.

The no-code Automator function streamlines team workflows, syncing tasks in the cloud to amplify efficiency.

Designed to supercharge design productivity and foster collaborative innovation, Diagram AI is a game-changer for Figma users and design teams eager to harness the full potential of AI-powered design tools in their projects.

Why Use Diagram?

Diagram makes you gain incredible additional functionalities for your Figma workflow. These tools augment traditional design skills by automating routine tasks, allowing designers to focus on creating compelling graphic design and impactful UI with efficiency and precision.

How Diagram Works?

Diagram integrates directly into Figma, where it uses AI to understand design intentions. Features like Magic Icon and Magic Image use AI to create icons and images, while Magic Copy utilizes AI to generate and refine text. Automator allows you to create custom automation workflows, all with simple, intuitive controls that require no coding knowledge.

Key features of Diagram

  • Generate SVG icons
  • Generate content for your Figma designs
  • Transform your ideas into designs
  • Automate your Figma workflow

2. Framer


What is Framer?

Framer is a cutting-edge website builder tool renowned for its advanced prototyping capabilities, which empower designers to construct complex, interactive, and animated user interfaces with precision and efficiency.

It stands at the forefront of the AI tool revolution, by offering automated UI generation. It offers a robust set of features that facilitate real-time collaboration within design teams.

Framer streamlines the transition from concept to high-fidelity prototype and production ready website, making it an indispensable asset in the toolkit of modern UI/UX professionals.

Why use Framer?

Framer is used for its ability to quickly transform static designs into interactive prototypes that can be fine-tuned with animations and dynamic elements, improving the user experience design process.

This design tool facilitates collaboration among team members, making it easier to share and iterate on ideas in real time.

How does Framer work?

Framer operates as a web-based tool, allowing designers to drag and drop elements into a canvas, define their interactions, and link screens to mimic user flows.

This design tool provides a library of pre-made components and also integrates with production code, enabling both designers and developers to work on the prototypes collaboratively.

Users can preview their prototypes on different mobile apps and devices, share them with stakeholders, and test them to gather feedback, all within the Framer environment.

Key Features of Framer:

  • Website builder
  • Intuitive interface
  • Start your design with AI
  • Beautiful animations
  • SEO optimised structure

3. Canva


What Canva Is?

Canva is an innovative web-based platform equipped with a suite of advanced AI graphic design tools that empower users to effortlessly generate a wide array of visual content.

Designed to accommodate individuals across the expertise spectrum, from beginners to professional graphic designers, Canva streamlines the creative process. It offers an expansive collection of templates, images, and intuitive design features, allowing for the swift execution of high-caliber designs suited for various purposes, including impactful social media posts and comprehensive branding materials.

Why Use Canva?

Use Canva for its user-friendly interface that democratizes design, making it quick and easy to create professional-looking graphics without specialized knowledge or tools. This design tool is cost-effective, with a generous free tier, and facilitates collaboration for teams.

How Canva Works?

Canva operates through a drag-and-drop interface where users select from pre-designed templates or create their designs from scratch. Users can customize text, colors, images, and other elements within their design and then download, share, or print the final product.

Collaboration is streamlined as Canva allows multiple people to edit and comment on a single design in real time.

Key features of Canva:

  • Advanced Template library
  • Brand kits for consistency across your designs
  • Intuitive UI
  • Video editing
  • AI content creation

4. Uizard


What Uizard AI is?

Uizard is an innovative AI-powered design tool that excels in transforming hand-drawn sketches into functional digital prototypes with speed and precision for web apps and mobile.

Tailored for both non-designers and seasoned professionals, it provides an intuitive platform that includes a simple drag-and-drop interface, AI-assisted design suggestions, custom color palettes, and a comprehensive library of templates.

By facilitating rapid prototyping, using design alternatives encouraging collaborative teamwork, and expediting the design process from initial concept to interactive prototype, Uizard stands out as a crucial resource for startups, educators, and enterprises aiming to seamlessly transition from ideation to production ready web apps.

Why use Uizard AI?

AI design tools like Uizard democratize the creation of app and web designs by automating the conversion process from paper to prototype, which is invaluable for individuals or teams without extensive design training.

By harnessing AI, Uizard lowers the entry barrier to digital design, enabling a broader range of people to bring their ideas to life.

How Uizard AI works?

Utilizing advanced AI, Uizard interprets sketches and translates them into a creative journey within a digital canvas. This AI design process significantly reduces the time and skill required to create functional prototypes.

Users interact with a drag-and-drop interface, enhanced by AI design assistance, to refine their prototypes, benefiting from a suite of AI-powered tools that automate many of the tedious aspects of design.

Key features of Uizard:

  • Rapide prototyping
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Pre-made template
  • Web apps UI/UX design

5. Khroma


What Khroma Is?

Khroma is an AI design tool that leverages user preferences and color combinations to automatically generate personalized color palettes to assist you in your design processes.

This is one of standout features of the AI graphic design tools that is a smart solution designed to help anyone working with colors. From graphic designers to brand manager, quickly find the perfect shades and combinations for your projects, providing an efficient way to maintain consistency and vibrancy in visual work.

Why Use Khroma?

You should consider using Khroma for its ability to simplify the color selection process for custom images and color combinations, save time, and inspire creativity.

This AI design tool learns from your choices, and it offers tailored palettes, making it an indispensable asset for ensuring brand consistency, enhancing design accessibility, and providing a seamless color exploration experience.

This is particularly useful for professionals who need to produce visually appealing content regularly or for those seeking to experiment with colors without extensive knowledge of color theory. Yap, especially for someone who does graphic design.

How Khroma Works?

Khroma enhances your creative workflow by initially analyzing your preferred colors and then generating a spectrum of palettes tailored to these preferences. This intelligent approach accelerates the design phase, enriches the creative workflow, and facilitates a hands-on learning experience in color theory.

Plus, Khroma's user-friendly sharing features make applying your chosen palettes to real-world projects and collaborations as simple as a few clicks.

Key features of Khroma:

  • Generate color palettes
  • Generate color gradients

6. Let’s Enhance

Let's Enhance

What Let's Enhance Is?

Let's Enhance is one of the AI tools that is adept at upscaling and improving the quality of images with just a few clicks.

This sophisticated AI tool enriches details, curtails noise, reinvigorates colors, auto enhance, and restores aged photos, crafting custom high-quality images ideal for print, digital use, or archival purposes.

It streamlines the process of creating upscale images, ensuring that enhancing your images to a professional caliber is as simple and efficient as possible.

Why Use Let's Enhance?

This platform is a great tool for its ability to quickly upgrade image resolution while preserving detail, making it accessible to those without photo editing expertise.

It's a time-saver for professionals and hobbyists who need high-quality image results for various applications, from e-commerce to personal photo restoration.

How Let's Enhance Works?

By leveraging AI, Let's Enhance analyzes and reconstructs images, expanding their resolution while cleaning up visual noise and enhancing details.

This AI tool is easy to use, with no steep learning curve, allowing for effortless image improvements that can otherwise be challenging and time-consuming to achieve manually.

Key features of Let's Enhance:

  • Background removal
  • Images Upscaler
  • Images Sharpener
  • Image Enhancer

7. Adobe FireFly

Adobe Firefly

What Adobe Firefly Is?

Adobe Firefly is an advanced text-to-image generator that artificial intelligence to produce AI-generated images, seamlessly integrating with Adobe's suite of creative software.

This innovative tool is designed to assist professionals in a variety of creative tasks, allowing them to transform written descriptions into detailed visual assets with unprecedented ease.

By learning from a diverse array of artistic styles and elements, Firefly enhances the creative process, enabling artists and designers to expedite the conceptualization stage and bring their visions to life more efficiently.

Why Use Adobe Firefly?

Leverage Adobe Firefly to streamline your design projects, as it stands out among the best AI design tools that significantly reduce the time spent on image editing and enhance overall productivity.

This robust tool employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to craft high-quality generated images, making it ideal for producing various iterations within a single design project.

Its machine learning foundation not only simplifies complex tasks but also expands the scope of design capabilities to users of all skill levels. T

his promotes a creative environment ripe for exploration and innovation. With Firefly, whether you're fine-tuning visuals or generating entirely new concepts, you are equipped with AI-assisted features that raise both the quality and efficiency of your creative endeavors.

How Adobe Firefly Benefits Design?

Adobe Firefly, powered by machine learning, is exceptionally skilled at rapid prototyping, allowing designers to swiftly bring their ideas to life for immediate appraisal.

It stands out in its ability to generate personalized content at scale, seamlessly crafting intricate patterns and detailed visuals with minimal effort. As a potent learning tool, Firefly provides instant visual feedback, which is invaluable for understanding and applying design principles effectively.

By automating repetitive tasks, this AI tool liberates designers to focus on infusing their unique creative vision into their projects. Machine learning is at the heart of Firefly’s capabilities, enabling it to automate routine design tasks, spur idea generation, refine workflows, and execute complex design calculations that can pave the way for innovative solutions.

Consequently, Firefly is transforming the whole design industry landscape, fostering a more iterative, responsive, and customized creative process.

Key Features of Adobe Firefly:

  • Text-to-image generation
  • Generative fill
  • Text effects
  • Generative Recolor
  • 3D to image
  • Photorealistic images
  • Remove unwanted elements

Wrapping up - Which one is the best ai design tool?

The correct answer is all of them!

We made sure to select AI tools with different purposes that can fit one way or the other in your workflow and enhance your productivity. We highly encourage you to try them yourself and see which ai graphic design tool can help you in your creative journey.

From Framer's no-code capabilities to Canva's graphic design templates, each platform is uniquely equipped to arm graphic designers with tools for effortless creation and vibrant expression.

Uizard transforms quick sketches into polished UI, assisting you for mockup and prototyping. Khroma serves as the AI color tool for those enamoured by palettes, whispering the perfect hex codes for every hue.

Let's Enhance acts as a digital touch-up artist, bringing ordinary images to high-resolution masterpieces. Diagram will seduce professional designers with its advanced Figma mini plugins. And Adobe Firefly brightens the journey of every graphic designer with its AI-assisted design capabilities, completing a suite of tools that are revolutionizing the graphic design industry through artificial intelligence.

As you close this tab and return to your digital canvas, remember that AI graphic design tools and machine learning-enhanced utilities are your trusty companions on this epic quest for creativity.

They can become your sidekicks and give you an incredible advantage in your business or within your team. In this golden era where machine learning meets digital artistry, if you can dream it, the right design AI powered tool can help you weave it into existence.

With that, we sign off with a pixel-perfect farewell, sending you back to your adventure. Go forth, web designers, and craft your vision on the boundless canvas of the internet. Your next masterpiece is just an AI design tool away. Happy designing!

AI Design Tools FAQ:

What are the best AI tools for designer?

Diagram is considered as one of the best AI graphic design tool thanks to its versatility and ease of use. It can accompany you in your Figma design projects with powerful AI powered plugins. Adobe Firefly is also a great AI tools capable of producing high quality images.

What are the best FREE AI tools for graphic design?

Canva is one of the best AI graphic design tool offering a very generous free plan. It's incredibly powerful for crafting marketing content for your next marketing campaigns.

How to become an AI designer?

Try the AI tools listed in this article. Practice by using AI art generator like Adobe Firefly or try to make beautiful visual with Canva. Our artificial intelligence tools list will help you to get started.

What are the best AI Tools for Web Design?

Framer let you generate complete website in one click, Uizard help your refine your UI and create mockup and diagram will help to go deep into details in your Figma.

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